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The Daycare Owl Difference

Daycare Owl works with licensed childcare providers, who are fingerprinted, background checked and verified. Licensed childcare facilities have strict Covid-19 policies that are mandated by their state. Traditionally, these facilities could only offer full-time contracted care. The Daycare Owl platform allows these facilities to invoice parents for recurring care and fees, as well as help sell their spots as hourly, daily, part-time, and full-time care.

Daycares can sell additional services such as weekend care, date-night care and more. Economy of scale keeps hourly rates low on the platform. In the San Francisco, CA area, (where child care rates average $25/hr) the average hourly rate at licensed daycares on Daycare Owl was below $12/hr. The world of childcare has just expanded, we are creating more spots at affordable prices for more children to be in early childhood education, and more parents to be successful

Child Care For All

Daycares are early childhood education, where children learn ABCs and build emotional intelligence. Confidence, self-soothing, empathy, sharing, team work, all these things and more are learned at early childhood facilities. Children who don’t attend early childhood education are more likely to drop-out of high-school, become a teenage parent, or commit a crime.

Daycares have traditionally operated on a contractual basis, they are businesses that are licensed by the state. Most daycares rely on state entities to fill their daycares, but most parents do not use state resources to find child care, they instead turn to the internet. Most daycares are not online as most child care platforms are better suited for babysitters and nannies.

Breaking the Cycle

Daycare Owl was created just for licensed child care providers. Daycare Owl is helping to bridge the growing gap between parents and licensed child care providers. Daycare Owl is giving providers the tools they need to be more competitive, by offering secure bookings for hourly and daily care.

Most parents can’t afford a full week of child care, the Daycare Owl platform helps parents purchase a few hours or a few days of recurring child care instead. This allows parents to go back to back to school, work part-time, improve their circumstances, and break the cycle. We can get more children into early childhood education, we can help women do more, we can help families thrive, we can help more providers be successful. We can create more college degrees and less gun violence.

We can create opportunity and hope for a better tomorrow.

A Platform with a Cause.

Lack of access to affordable childcare is crippling the economy, and holding minorities and single parents back. Daycare Owl is going to fix this socio-economic issue with technology. Daycare Owl’s goal is to bridge the growing gap between parents and licensed child care providers.

Parents can expect to find much lower hourly rates for child care on Daycare Owl. The Daycare Owl platform has given daycares the capability of segmenting the full week into hourly slots. Daycares can now offer weekend care, date night care, overnight care, evening care, and so much more.

Daycares are the most affordable choice when it comes to outside care. Daycares operate on the concept of economy of scales, a proportionate saving in costs gained by an increased level of production.

Licensed childcare providers are trained, equipped, and legally allowed to have multiple children in their daycares. Economy of scales keep daycare rates low. The world of affordable and available child care has just expanded, and we can’t wait to see the difference it makes in the lives of children, mothers, fathers, providers, employers, and the economy as a whole. 

Welcome to the child care revolution!

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