On-Demand vs Recurring Care

Discover the different ways to book care with Daycare Owl.

On-Demand Care: Parents can book one-time spots on a hourly, daily, and weekly basis. This is ideal for parents who want flexible child care with no contracts.

Recurring Care: Get invoiced directly by daycare on a weekly basis or for one-time charges like deposits. Set-up auto pay and never miss a payment. Ideal for parents who have consistent recurring care on a full-time or part-time care.

On-Demand CareRecurring Care
No Contract Contract with Daycare
Parents book spots through facility pageParents get invoiced weekly by daycare
Spot availability not guaranteed Spot guaranteed by contract
Online cancellation and refund through Daycare OwlCancellation and refund depends on daycare contract
Hourly, daily, weekly options Part-time and full-time options
4.4% +.10¢ fee for card transactions2.9% + .30¢ fee on card transaction fee
Price visible online Price set with daycare
Automated receiptsAutomated receipts
ACH not available 0.8% ACH fee
0 fees on cash and check transactions0 fees on cash and check transactions
Auto-pay not available Auto-pay available
*Not all facilities offer cash and check option*
On-demand care
Recurring Care

Fees, refunds, & cancellation policy

It is free for parents and providers to register with Daycare Owl. Daycare Owl charges a card fee of 4.4%+.10¢ for on-demand spots and 2.9%+.30¢ on invoiced payments. There is no charge for cash or check payments.

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