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How to book care and get invoiced through Daycare Owl.

On-demand and recurring care with Daycare owl.

Care that meets the needs of parents.

On-Demand Care: Parents can book one-time spots on an hourly, daily and weekly basis. This is ideal for parents who want flexible child care with no contracts. They can take that unexpectedly available work shift!

Recurring Care: Pay directly on a weekly basis or for one-time charges like deposits. Set-up auto pay and never miss a payment. Ideal for parents who have consistent recurring care on a full-time or part-time care. Pay with ACH, credit card, cash or check.

Step 1: Register with Daycare Owl

Go to the Sign-in/Sign-up and register for free.

Daycare Owl sign-in/sign-up page.

Step 2: Add your children

Create a profile for your children using their first name. Add their age and let providers know about any allergies or special needs.

You must create a child profile to book care. Invoices and on-demand spots are associated with the child’s profile.

Search for daycares near you.

Search for a specific facility or find new daycares in your area.

Daycares near me

Step 4: Favorite

Favorite daycares that you want to work with or are already working with. Once you favorite a daycare it will show up in your parent dashboard.

You must favorite a daycare provider to book and pay for recurring care.

Favorite daycares near you

Paying Invoices for Recurring Care

Once your profile is complete and you have added the daycare as a favorite, inform your provider. They can now start sending you invoices.

Parents can set up auto pay, pay for deposits, recurring care and more.

Parents have the ability to approve invoices weekly even when auto-pay is set-up.

Parents can pay online through the platform or pay with cash/check at the facility. Please note: not all facilities accept cash and check.

Parents receive automated receipts and reports provided for FSA and taxes.

Year end reporting for parents

Booking On-demand Care

Before you book any spots, please tour the facility and place paperwork on files with providers. Daycare paperwork can be found on the Provider’s Daycare Owl page.

Once you have forms on file, you can start booking. Go the facility page and scroll down to open spots.

Book on-demand child care

Select the spot(s) you want to book. Assign a child to the spot and request the spot.

Assign a chiild to a spot

Checkout the spot. The provider will approve or deny your spot. See fees and cancellation polices below. Please note not all providers accept cash.

Checkout on-demand spots.

Fees, refunds, & cancellation policy

It is free for parents and providers to register with Daycare Owl. Daycare Owl charges a card fee of 4.4%+.10¢ for on-demand spots and 2.9%+.30¢ on invoiced payments. There is no charge for cash or check payments.

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