Recurring hourly and daily child care at licensed daycares through Daycare Owl

Licensed daycares are the most affordable form of child care with rates ranging between $3-$10/hour depending on location.

PRESS RELEASE PROVIDED BY Daycare Owl April 12th, 2022

San Francisco, Calif., April 12, 2022  — Daycare Owl has launched a child care search, booking, invoicing and payment suite for parents and licensed facilities. Daycare Owl is a nationwide marketplace that connects parents with licensed childcare providers in their area. Daycare Owl’s platform already helps parents search and book on-demand care at licensed daycares. Now, child care facilities can invoice and receive payment for recurring care on a weekly, daily or hourly basis. Parents have the ability to create custom schedules with providers saving them thousands annually on child care costs.

It is always free for parents to search and child care providers to post their availabilities.

The Daycare Owl platform gives child care facilities the ability to invoice parents for recurring care and sell open spots as drop-in care on a daily or hourly basis. Daycare Owl enables daycares to offer a multitude of services beyond weekly care.  Hourly care, night-care, weekend care, date-night care and more are available now on Daycare Owl is free for parents to register, search for daycares, favorite daycares, and communicate with providers. Daycare Owl is free for licensed providers, parents pay transaction fees. There are no fees on cash and check transactions. Daycare providers keep 100% of what they sell.

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“The Daycare Owl platform is a powerful tool that can assist parents to find affordable care that qualifies for both FSA and Tax credit. We also help childcare providers earn a better living . We want families to thrive, not just survive. With Daycare Owl we can help ease financial burdens and create more opportunities for parents AND providers.”

Akriti Srivastava CEO and Co-founder Daycare Owl.  
Daycare Owl For Society:

Daycare Owl is a catalyst. One that will create a better tomorrow with less gun violence, more female equality, more college degrees and better mental health by getting more children in early childhood programs (daycares) today.  It has been proven that children who attend early education programs do better in life, because they received that advantage early on. ALL children should do better in life. Daycare Owl is revolutionary. Not just for child care but for society as a whole. Access to affordable child care can change the fundamental fabric of our country and get parents back to work.

Daycare Owl For the Economy:

Access to affordable childcare means more parents can pursue higher education. More moms can choose to go back to work and more daycares can fill their businesses. Daycare owl will help those parents find government subsidy approved childcare so they may pursue an education and a career. The low cost of hourly child care on Daycare Owl will help stimulate the economy. Daycares operate on an economy of scale so their hourly rates are low. In Dublin, CA where hourly babysitter rates range from $20-$25/hr, parents can find licensed hourly care for as little as $10/hr.

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Hourly Cost of licensed child care. Daycares can offer hourly care through
Daycare Owl For Employers:

As we struggle to recover from the Covid pandemic, Daycare Owl provides a much needed solution for employers. Employers lose billions annually due to lapsed childcare. Daycare Owl will help curb lost productivity by providing extended-care, back-up care and sick-care options. The platform also proposes to be the first ever enterprise level childcare solution. Daycare Owl provides the information right on the receipt that parents need to get care reimbursed.

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About Daycare Owl:

You’ve never searched for childcare like this before! Daycare Owl is a free and simple way to search and book on-demand and recurring childcare at licensed daycares. Daycare Owl was created by a licensed childcare provider in Silicon Valley to bridge the growing gap between parents and providers. We’ve been listening to parents, we know it hasn’t been easy finding quality childcare that is also affordable and reliable. We know why childcare has become so expensive and we are working to fix it. Change starts here. Daycare Owl is a modern day child care solution.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Akriti Srivastava at 888-366-2055 or email us at

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