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Daycare Owl is Free For Licensed Child Care Providers.

List your licensed child care facility for free (must be a state licensed child care facility). Once we verify your license number, create a profile listing your program details, pictures, contact information, and real time openings. Parents find your business by searching on our website or you can use the social media share buttons and market on your own. Create free online profiles with bookable spots. Sell recurring spots on a weekly, daily, and hourly basis.

Set your own prices and timings. Sell extra services such as date-nights, weekend care, and more. Accept, deny, cancel reservations as needed. Daycare Owl helps keep your daycare booked to max capacity, but never exceeding it. Connect to Stripe Payment gateway and get paid in full on every transaction. Automated receipts for each transaction and year end reporting. 100% free for providers.

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A Platform with a Cause.

Child care rates are soaring, yet most providers struggle to fill their daycares. How can that be? We have the answer and the solution. Parents and providers simply cannot find each other. The parents demanding child care cannot find the supply offered by child care providers, and Daycare Owl is going to fix this socio-economic issue with technology. Daycare Owl’s goal is to bridge the growing gap between parents and licensed child care providers. Parents can expect to find much lower hourly rates for child care on Daycare Owl. The Daycare Owl platform has given daycares the capability of segmenting the full week into hourly slots. Daycares can now offer weekend care, date night care, overnight care, evening care, and so much more.

Welcome to the child care revolution! Daycares are the most affordable choice when it comes to outside care. Daycares operate on the concept of economy of scales, a proportionate saving in costs gained by an increased level of production. Licensed childcare providers are trained, equipped, and legally allowed to have multiple children in their daycares. Economy of scales keep daycare rates low. The world of affordable and available child care has just expanded, and we can’t wait to see the difference it makes in the lives of children, mothers, fathers, providers, employers, and the economy as a whole. 

Daycare Owl helps parents connect with licensed child care facilities. Register your facility for free today

Help Parents Find Your Business

Let us market your facility for you. Daycare Owl is a national platform that helps parents find licensed child care, and all forms of it. Register your facility for free, once we verify your license, you can create a profile for your business with images, logos, contact info, and more. Your Daycare Owl profile acts as your personal business webpage. Parents can find your facility via our search option, or your can share your page on your own.

Showcase Real-time Openings

The Daycare Owl platform allows facilities to showcase real-time openings. Have a no-show, an unexpected opening, or just open spots? List them with Daycare Owl. Daycare Owl allows your business to segment a full-time spot into daily, hourly, or part-time care. Providers control their own prices, timing, and more. You control your business.

Earn More, Never Miss A Payment

Daycare Owl is free for licensed child care providers. The platform offers secure booking for providers. If a parent is a no show and did not cancel the reservation in time, the provider keeps 100% of what they make. Even dog walkers get cancellation protection, why not child care providers. Booking fees are paid by parents. Sell add-on services with Daycare Owl, like date night care, weekend care, over-night care and more.

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