Daycare Owl + Neurona Health

Daycare owl is partnering with Neurona Health to give child care facilities the opportunity to get expert guidance on how to:

• Manage concerning behaviors in a professional way.
•Provide early intervention to parents and children.
•Create a early education program that is inclusive for all children.
Expert consultation can lead to early intervention. This can be life changing for a child. Learning disabilities can be turned into learning differently, but only if we give children and educators the right tools at every age.

Neurona Health offers plans for facilities of all sizes:

Daycare Owl and Neurona Health partner to provide monthly mental health subscriptions to child care facilities.

Millions of people find themselves failing, over and over again. They don’t understand why. The fact is that the lack of mental health education amongst educators has severely impacted millions.

People do not intentionally fail, we fail them when we have a one size fits all approach to learning. We are in a mental health crisis. Depression, anxiety and violence, have changed the fabrics of this country.

As a licensed child care provider, I saw children showing signs of being neurodivergent at an early age. I saw children falling behind, and wanted to do more for them. My only recourse was to tell parents to consult with a physician or specialist, which often did not go well, or turn to facebook. Far too often you will see child care providers seeking help from other providers, because they do not have access to a mental health professional.

Now thanks to Neurona Health and Daycare Owl’s partnership, licensed child care providers can actually speak with mental health specialists. We are not diagnosing children. Neurona health is providing advice and guidance from mental health professionals on best practices and different approaches. Every child can learn, if you just know how to reach them. “

Akriti Srivatava CEO and CO-Founder of Daycare Owl

Licensed child care providers need proper tools to educate and reach all the children in their care. Neurona Health is here to be that bridge.

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Daycare Owl and Neurona Health are bringing mental tele-health services to daycares and center

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